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This is NOT just a book launch

I Want To Welcome You To The Driven By Faith Movement!!!

Let's intentionally choose to live by faith starting now

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About The Book

This is not just a book, it's a faith movement. It seeks to restore faith into the lives of those who have lost their faith or whose faith is dimming.

There's always going to be reasons why we would become fearful. Should we let that stop us from living our lives and having a thriving business or career?

No! But when fear is stronger than our faith it leads to us running away from our calling, battling our desire to walk in our purpose or delaying stepping into our calling in life.

This book gives you 7 principles to apply that will help you salvage, strengthen and sustain your faith even during the most tragic storms in your life. This book is for people who have lost their faith or whose faith is dimming.

I have been living out this lifestyle of living by faith and not by sight since 2009. I understand first hand how extremely challenging it is to live by faith when your circumstances look bleak. Because of my own experience of implementing and practicing these principles in my own life and seeing the fruit of that, I know how to guide others through this journey.

When you buy this book you are getting more than just a book you are getting a new way of living that is no longer fueled by fear but is driven by faith. Sign up now and be immediately notified when this book is available for purchase.

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Hi! My name is Kileha Holder

The Author

I grew up in a Christian household and community but that didn't mean I always believed in God much less tried to live according to His will.

I didn't know what it meant to have and live by faith till I hit rock bottom. In this book I will be sharing with you what that journey looked like and what I learned as a result.

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