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Revealed: How Having A Supernatural Vision & Goal Setting Strategy Could Help You Achieve Goal Success

for your life & business

  • Are you unsure about what God will like you to achieve with your life and/or business?

  • Are you unclear about what your expectations should be?

  • Are you doubting that you will have the time, money, resources or skills to make your dreams a reality?

  • Are you already anticipating and fearing failure before you've started?

About The Workbook

This workbook relieves you of the burden of determining what your vision and goals for your life and/or business are by showing you how to rely on the Supernatural power of God Holy Spirit.

Discover what your God-given purpose in life is.

Get clear on what your Vision, Mission, Strategies, Action Plans and Objectives are.

Receive the assurance you need to know that you will have all that is necessary for achieving the vision & goals God has planted in your heart.

Confront your fears directly and walk boldly in your God-given purpose

Because of my own experience of implementing and practicing these principles in my own life and seeing the fruit of that, I know how to guide others through this journey.

When you download this workbook you are getting more than just a book you are getting a new way of living that is no longer fueled by fear but is driven by faith. Download your copy today.

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Hi! My name is Kileha Holder

The Author

I grew up in a Christian household and community but that didn't mean I always believed in God much less tried to live according to His will.

Through some very trying times in my life and business I learned how to rely on God in ways I never thought possible. He has really shown me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

This workbook helps me stay in alignment with God's will for my life & business.

Copywrite 2021 Faith In LIFE

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