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For A Limited Time: Join Our 10 Day Live Virtual Supernatural Business Launch Challenge For Aspiring Christian Entrepreneurs Who Want To Become Kingdom-Minded Business Owners

During The Supernatural Business Launch Challenge, You Will Receive A Simple, Stress-free & Strategic Plan for Launching (or Re-launching) Your Business In 10 Days

even if you have very little time, money or expertise










Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur,

Has God given you instructions to launch your own business BUT you have been staring at your situation and thinking to yourself "I don't have what I need or what it takes to launch a business right now"?

Guess what?

Neither did I.

In fact, at the time I was jobless, had 35 dollars left to my name and was failing miserably at building a network marketing business that already had a system in place.

I was the last person anyone would consider worthy of launching a business.

I didn't think I was worthy of launching my own business. 

Nevertheless, on March 7th, 2016 I obeyed God's instructions and registered my business Faith In LIFE with the last 35 dollars I had in my name. I did this even though I had no clue what I was doing or how to launch a business with the intent of it being profitable over time.

All I had to go on was the strong conviction within me that this was what God wanted me to do.

Is this where you are at right now?

If so then you are in the right place at the right time. 

Although you will be receiving a simple, stress-free and strategic plan for launching your business, this challenge will challenge you to think and act differently than you've been taught by in the conventional business world.

If you are used to hustling and grinding in your business then the ease by which you receive clear direct instructions and strategy will be a shock to you.


  • Having the right mindset for achieving a profitable impact personally, financially and spiritually without having to sacrifice one for the other.

  • Knowing who you are called to serve, where to find them and how to attract them to you with ease.

  • Knowing how to serve your clients and meet them where they are in their journey, with you providing value for profit.

  • Over these 10 days, I'm going to seriously challenge what you know, how you think and what you've been doing up to this point. I want you to come into this challenge with a blank tabula rasa (blank slate) and be prepared to leave with it full of new insights, revelations and strategies as it relates to your business.

    Here's what each day is going to look like: 

    Day 1: June 14th at 12 noon EST

    The Heart Posture & Mindset of a Kingdom-Minded Business Owner

    The intent of your heart and your mindset is key to your success. It doesn't matter what you know, how much you do if you do not have the right mindset and heart posture you will self-sabotage your success over and over again and keep wondering why you are failing when you are "doing the right things".

    It's about having the right heart for God's people and the right mindset as it relates to the resources God has blessed you with such as time, talent, skills, gifts, money, physical/tangible resources, people resources. Together we will unpack what having the right mindset and heart posture looks like

    Day 2: June 15th at 12 noon EST

    Plan for Success (Matthew 6:33 & Psalm 127:1-2)

    In the conventional business world, there is a lot of pressure to be successful according to their standards which can change in the blink of the eye. BUT God has a standard level of success that never changes, it's the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

    As a kingdom-minded business owner, we do not seek to please the world, we seek to please God and as such we are compelled to do business His way which always prospers 30, 60, 100 fold more than we could ever imagine.

    Day 3: June 16th at 12 noon EST

    Co-Create Your Life & Business Plan with God (Habakkuk 2:2-4 & Proverbs 16:9)

    God will (or already has) give you a vision for your life and business. He wants you to write it plainly and clearly so that when you read it you can run with it. The vision He will give you is for an appointed time.

    It will feel like it is taking forever, be patient for it surely will come. As long as you continue to have faith in Him, trusting and obeying Him He will direct your paths and all things will work for your good and His glory.

    Day 4: June 17th at 12 noon EST

    Your Kingdom Identity & Brand  (Psalm 139:1-16; 23-24) 

    Everyone will try to define who you are BUT only God knows your beginning to the end. You were fearfully and wonderfully knitted in the womb. People are going to try to convince you that you need to become who they are in order to get their results.

    On the other hand, God wants you to discover who He already created you to BE and He wants you to have the courage and boldness to be your authentic self. The best person to reveal to you who you are is God Himself if you allow Him to.

    Day 5: June 18th at 12 noon EST

    Relationship Building Client Attraction System Part 1

    God is the God of Relationships and He seeks to build relationships (transformational interactions) NOT a religion (religious transactions). Jesus was the greatest example of this. His impact is still being felt and growing long after His death, burial and resurrection. We are called to be Christ-like NOT just in our spiritual walk BUT in ALL areas and that includes business.

    To conduct business this way will take a shift in your mindset, your beliefs, and your attitude towards sales and people. To have a sustainably profitable business the focus needs to be on building relationships that last.

    Day 6: June 21st at 12 noon EST

    Relationship Building Client Attraction System Part 2

    To build those long-lasting relationships you need to be intentional about why, when, where, and how you show up in the world and on social media according to the instructions you are receiving from God.

    Building solid long-lasting relationships take time, effort, and energy. BUT in the end, it's WORTH it because we know what it means and feels like to be loved. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life" (John 3:16). 

    Day 7: June 22nd at 12 noon EST

    Value for Profit Planning Session 

    This is where you get to spend time hearing from God through me as it relates to what valuable products/services He wants you to deliver to the marketplace.

    Together we will establish what are your opportunity magnet/magnets and what are your value proposition/propositions that will add a great deal of value to your people group and generate profits for your business.

    Day 8: June 23rd at 12 noon EST

    How To Price, Package & Promote Your Product or Service for Value& Profitability: Part 1: Mindset

    Salvation is given to us "freely". BUT for those who choose to be followers of Jesus, there's a cost (Luke 14:28-30), we must deny our own fleshly desires. BUT the rewards are greater, for Jesus said He will make us fishers of men (Matthew 4:19). 

    We too are called to freely give value to others and we should BUT real transformation comes at a cost. It requires an investment of time, effort, energy, and money. We are not called to be shy about that, Jesus wasn't shy about stating the cost of being one of His disciples.

    Day 9: June 24rd at 12 noon EST

    How To Price, Package & Promote Your Product or Service for Value& Profitability: Part 2: Practical Application

  • Understand the difference between what you are offering and what you are selling.  

  • Leave your emotions out of your pricing and learn the psychology and science of pricing.

  • Learn strategic ways of packaging your products/services that ensure a WIN for them a WIN for you and more importantly a WIN for the kingdom.

  • Promote the value of what you have to offer.

  • Day 10: June 25th at 12 noon EST

    Open Q & A Session

    We will be covering a lot during these 10 days. Every day I will endeavor to answer any questions you may have BUT some may get missed or may not have come up for you during that time.

    This will be our opportunity to just strictly focus on answering any questions you may have so that you leave with full clarity on what exactly God is calling you to do in this season of your life and business.


    Hi, I'm Kileha Holder

    Founder of Faith In LIFE

    When God gave me the crazy idea to launch my own business on March 7th, 2016 I had no clue how much FAITH was going to be a central component to how I will come to operate my business.

    • I had NO money to start a business.

    • I had ZERO experience running a successful business.

    • I had LIMITED time to invest in learning how to launch a business.

    It is a good thing that God doesn't call the qualify BUT that He qualifies the called 1 Corinthians 1:27-29). Still, that didn't stop me from going out in the world and seeking qualifications. Hence why I have 3 coaching certifications, a BA. in Psychology, an Email Marketing, and a Direct-Response Specialist certification.

    Yet I struggled with feeling worthy of doing all the things God was laying on my heart to do. But thank goodness He is patient, kind, and gracious. Otherwise, I would not have made it to the 5-year mark in my business.

    FUN FACT ABOUT ME: I'm from the tropical island of Barbados and I live in Canada. What's crazy is that I hate being cold.

    Receive $7,397 Worth of Coaching & Training for FREE

    You will get immediate FREE access to the Supernatural Business Launch Challenge FB Group!

    LEARN LIVE from Spirit-Led Coach & Business Strategist Kileha Holder who will help you launch or relaunch your business!

    VIP ACCESS to LIVE Hot Seat Mentoring from Spirit-Led Coach & Business Strategist Kileha Holder who will help you gain clarity


    *Rules and Conditions Apply


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    • Why is this challenge FREE?

    • Because God has given me a BIG Hairy Audacious Goal to profitably impact 100.000 lives and this is one of the ways He's shown me to do so.

    • How do I know this is for me?

    • If God has instructed you to participate. 

      If you believe that this will be a blessing in your life right now and in the season that you are in right now.

      If you want to learn how to operate your business in partnership with God and receive His success blueprint for your business.

    • If I can't attend LIVE will they be a recording?

    • Absolutely! Each session is hosted on Zoom and streamed LIVE inside our private FB group and you can watch the replay at your convenience.

    • What will I gain from this?

    • You will learn to understand why it is important to do business God's way and NOT the world's way. His plans are always better and greater than ours.

      In 10 days you will walk away with a step-by-step plan for launching or re-launching your business and the tools/resources needed to do so. Many of the tools/resources I will share can be acquired for FREE.

      A safe space for you to gain the clarity and focus you need to hear directly from God, through me, exactly how He wants you to operate the business He has commissioned you to launch. 

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