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Get Seen, Heard & Paid For What You Have Been Called To Do

Without you feeling like you have to sacrifice your personal, financial and spiritual life in the process


Create A Simple & Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

With a better understanding of how to operate your bisnistry (business + ministry) online you will have the right strategy you need to reach your market (the people you are called to serve).

What You Will Learn:

  • How To Explode Your Marketing with The Right Market, Message and Media

  • How to Optimize A Branded Website & Sales Funnel

  • How To Expand Your Reach with Organic & Paid Ads Marketing

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    Who Would Benefit

    • Life & Business Coaches

    • Course Creators

    • Consultants 

    • Network Marketers

    • Multi-Level Marketers

    • Ministry Leaders 

    Training Videos

    Free access available for a limited time.

    Training Session 1

    Explosion: Right Message, Market & Media

    This training will show you how to explode your marketing with the right market, message & media. You will want to get each of these as close to 100% as possible because when you do your reach will explode and you influence more people. 

    Send questions, feedback & comments to [email protected]

    Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    Training Session 2

    Optimization: A Branded Website vs. Sales Funnel

    This training will show you how to optimize a branded website and a sales funnel. They are not the same and they produce different results based on what your goals are.

    Send questions, feedback & comments to [email protected]

    Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    Training Session 3

    Expansion: Organic vs. Paid Ads Marketing

    This training will show you how to expand your reach with organic and paid ads marketing. You will learn which is the better strategy based on you, your business and who you are called to serve. 

    Send questions, feedback & comments to [email protected]

    Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    Some Happy Students

    Become a part of a revolution for change in a digital world.

    Virginia Sellers

    Marvelous Okpah

    Ormar Ogomah

    Mary Triggs

    Meet Your Trainer

    Kileha Holder

    Spirit-Led Coach & Business Strategist

    Christ Equipping Officer (CEO) & Director at Faith In L.I.F.E INC

    Kileha is a certified Business, Life, and Goal Success Coach. She also has certifications in Content, Email & Social Media Marketing and Facebook Ads Marketing, as well as a bachelor's degree in Psychology.

    Meet The Founder

    CEO & Director, Digital Marketer

    Kileha Holder

    I'm driven by FAITH. I have accepted my calling to be the Christ Equipping Officer (CEO) of Faith In LIFE, to be your Spirit-Led Coach and Business Strategist. I'm beyond honoured that I have been given the opportunity to use my spiritual and natural gifts that God has blessed me with to help other kingdom-minded business owners like myself launch, build and sustain the business they believe God has called them to build.

    ... enjoy the training!"

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We know you'd still have questions, so that's why we prepared this section just for you.

    Why is this training FREE?

    We follow the example of Jesus Christ. There were some things He did for FREE (healing) and their were other things that required a COST (discipleship). 

    Why is free access to this training limited?

    Because we are mindful of our human nature. Most people unless there's some sense of urgence will delay and procrastinate on doing the things they know they need to do. We want to help you overcome this by giving you a time limit to free access of this training.

    Can I purchase lifetime access to this training?

    Yes, please reach out to our support team at [email protected] and they will be happy to assist you with gaining lifetime access to this training. 

    Can I share this training with others?

    Yes, you can send them the link to this training to access it. Be mindful that free access is limited.

    How can I implement this training?

    Complete all the Action Steps outlined during this training. Do NOT be afraid of failing or getting it "wrong". Take action and ask God to direct your steps. 

    How soon can I expect to see results?

    That depends on you, your level of commitment and how willing you are to do the work necessary. 

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