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Discover & experience how to truly live by FAITH and not by sight 

Hello, my dear friend,

One of the biggest challenges that rear its ugly head for believers and non-believers is having a lack of faith or worse yet having no faith at all.

That's where I found myself back in 2019, having a deficiency in faith and it wasn't until I was able to do some soul work with God that my faith skyrocketed to a 10 out of 10 preparing me to receive His blessings in 2020 in the midst of a health and economic crisis.

Can you imagine what your life or business would look like if your faith tank was so full to the brim and overflowing that when a crisis hit you felt no anxiety at all?

Can you imagine being filled with peace when everyone else is experiencing chaos?

Can you imagine you imagine sharing with others your absolute conviction that this is going to your best year ever for your business when others around you are struggling to make ends meet and businesses were closing down or on the brink of closing?

I couldn't have imagined that for myself but that's exactly what happened for me back in March of 2020 before things got as bad as they did. And throughout 2020 I continued to experience joy, peace, and excitement for what God had in store for me.

I truly believe God wants that for ALL His children. That's why He has commissioned me to host this 8-Week Faith In Action Experiential Journey to show you the power faith has in transforming your life or business.

Usually, an 8-week coaching service like this would cost $5,918 dollars.

BUT God does not want me to charge you that.

He doesn't even want me to offer the group coaching price of $597.

When God gave me the instructions to do this He told me to offer it for FREE!

Yes, you read that correctly.

BUT Kileha aren't you running a business?


And guess who my bosses are?

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I refer to them as my Heavenly Board of Directors.

So if they tell me to do this for FREE I'm going to listen and obey.

BUT He has released me to provide an opportunity for you to gain lifetime access to the recordings and the group for only $597 (at least for this round).

So instead of you just reading about the 7 Principles, I outlined in my book I'm going to coach you on how to apply them in your life on a day-to-day basis so you can truly experience God and receive ALL the blessings He already has in store for you.


Here's What You'll Come To Know & Believe In Your Heart & Apply:

  • Faith must be based on what God said (page 35

  • We must ask God Holy Spirit (page 49)

  • Sometimes we must command (page 59)

  • We must believe that we are receiving when we pray or command (page 71)

  • We must confess what we believe (page 83) 

  • We must act upon what we believe and confess (page 89)

  • Sometimes we must endure to the end (page 97)

Who Is This For:

  • This is for you if your faith has been dimming or almost non-existent.

  • This is for you if you are seriously ready to take action and change the trajectory of where you are currently heading.

  • This is for you if you are willing to play full out and do the work necessary to shift.

  • This is for you if are not willing to accept defeat.

  • Who Is This NOT For:

  • This is NOT for you if are NOT coachable.

  • This is NOT for you if you are NOT seriously ready to take action and change the trajectory of where you are currently heading.

  • This is NOT for you if you are NOT willing to play full out and do the work necessary to shift.

  • This is NOT for you if are NOT willing to take responsibility for the part you play in your transformation.

  • Hey! I'm Kileha!

    During this 8-Week Faith In Action Experiential Journey together we will use the principles found in my book, The Law of Faith In Action: How To Receive The Blessing God Already Has for You to take your faith to a whole new level.

    Are you ready  to get started?

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    I started reading this on a whim, as I started digging into the book I realized how much I related and how this will help me dig into my faith! Great read!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Why is this FREE?

    • Because God knows you need this more than I need your money.

    • What if I can't attend all the session?

    • Each session will be streamed LIVE in a private Facebook group so you can watch the replays at any time. I do encourage that you do your best to attend each session LIVE as that's when you can receive coaching.

      • Is this just for believers (Christ-followers)?

      • No. This coaching experience is for anyone who is open to learning about the transformative power of faith.

    • What happens if I take the Lifetime deal and later decide I don't want it?

    • If you took advantage of our Lifetime deal you have 30 days to change your mind to get 100% refund.

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